Half Eternity Ring band | Wire wrapping tutorial

Half Eternity Ring band | Wire wrapping tutorial

Half Eternity Ring band | Wire wrapping tutorial

This tutorial is the last installment of my rings made using this technique. I do not think that there is any other way to use this method. If I find it, I will upload a tutorial, but I am done for now.

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Materials needed for this wire wrapping tutorial:

4 Swarovski 5601 cube beads

40cm/16inches 0.6mm wire

Flush wire cutters

Chain nose pliers

Wire wrapped ring tutorial

String the four beads onto the wire.

Wrap the wire around the ring mandrel about 2 times on each side.

Take the ring off the mandrel.

Hold tight to keep everything in place.

Wrap the tails around the ring band about 3 times. Push the coils together to make it look neater.

Starting on one side, wrap the tail around the bead and ring band, Stop when you get to the middle bead.

Do the same on the other side.

Now take one tail and wrap it around the remaining two beads, but make sure that it is following the direction of the wraps that you already made. Take the second tail and do the same.

Wrap the tails around the rig band. If your ring band became distorted during the wire wrapping process, put it back on the ring mandrel.

Cut off any excess wires.

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