DIY Bat | Halloween Decoration | Wire wrapping tutorial

DIY Bat | Halloween Decoration | Wire wrapping tutorial


This tutorial forms part of my Halloween series.  This time it is a bat. I think that Bats are both cute and creepy. In this tutorial, I used the figure 8 weave or Basketweave in order to give the wings more life. You can do this weave through the entire pendant.

You can even bend the wings to make it look as if they are flapping. Unlike the others, this tutorial has no beads or stones but you could incorporate some using techniques you have learned in past tutorials, for example, this one.


0.8mm/ 20gauge wire Rose gold
0.4mm/26 gauge Rose gold

0.8mm wire Silver
0.4mm/ 20 gauge wire

0.8mm wire Multiple colors

Flush wire cutters

Round nose pliers

Chain nose pliers

This tutorial was filmed using an IPad Pro which can be found here and edited using iMovie on a MacBook Pro which can be found here Be sure to check out my website for more great tutorials.


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