How to get traffic to your website.

How to get traffic to your website.

In this article, you will learn how to get people to buy your jewelry. This follows from the article “How to sell your jewelry fast and easily“. These two sources of traffic to your website are free. They are great because they are also places where people go looking for beautiful things to buy.

How to sell your jewelry


This is a great tool and search engine. When you use Pinterest, you get easy free traffic. People on Pinterest are looking for good, high-quality pictures.  They are attracted to the visual aspect. Take a picture of your product at its most flattering angle and post it. Use vertical images with a size of 735 horizontal and 1200 vertical.

How to use Pinterest, a short tutorial:

Upload your image as a pin.

Write a good description. You can also add text to your image so that users can see your pitch without having to click the image.

Pin other peoples pins to your boards, this will result in Pinterest showing your images to more people.

Tips and tricks:


  • Make your images 735×1200. This is a long picture that Pinterest favours.
  • Use color in your image, But not too much. You do not want the background to be distracting. You jewelry should stand out.
  • Use warm colors such as pink and orange. These colors convert well on Pinterest.
  • Pin 30-50 pictures a day. Some people say pin 10 of your own and 20 of other peoples, some say do 50-50 ratio. Just play around with it and see which works for you.



Both of these apps have amazing results. They also have fast results, but there is a website that makes them better: TAILWIND.

Tailwind helps you schedule your Instagram and Pinterest posts. Yes, it is that amazing. It is free for your first 100 posts so try it out. The thing that I wanted to tell you about is not Tailwind itself, but a feature that they have called Tribes. You get the first month of Tailwind free when you sign up.

This allows you to join groups of people who share your interests and post your content in their tribe. They will then share it on THEIR own Pinterest page and promote you. Isn’t that great?

This is a great way to connect with other jewelry/craft/art makers. This feeling of support will also get you through the months where sales just aren’t that great.


Here are a few tribes that I have joined. Click on their names to receive an invitation to join. You will also get one month of Tailwind free:

Handmade Holiday Projects

DIY bloggers (this is for the people who want to sell their jewelry through a blog)

Adrian’s tribe – All niches

Crafts and Decor



Instagram is a great place to get noticed. I have had people ask me to sell my jewelry even though I only write tutorials.


Instagram also has a great jewelry-making community. You will find other jewelry-makers encouraging you there.


You can find followers who are already interested in looking at your work. All you have to do is follow people who do something similar to you and use hashtags that are related to your niche. Instagram’s algorithm will do the rest.

In your Bio write down your business name and basic shipping terms. Also, write your shop address if you have one.

Very important: WRITE YOUR WEBSITE ADDRESS HERE. It is the only place that Instagram will allow a link.

Instagram tips for maximum followers, I got 100 followers in one week doing this.

Make sure that you post twice a day.

Follower people who make jewelry or any kind of art.

Follow their followers, these are people who have already shown interest in buying jewelry.

Use 3 to 5 hashtags that describe your product and the type of product that you are selling. For example, I would write #wirewrapping, #wireweaving #diyjewelry #diyring etc. These would be hashtags that are used by people looking for them.

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