Diy Wire chain. [Video tutorial]

Diy Wire chain. [Video tutorial]

In this tutorial I will teach you how to make a simple wire chain. This chain is beautiful. I cannot stop staring at it. Once I made I also created three more tutorials where I had to use it. You can find that here.


I used 0.6mm wire or 22 gauge to create it. You can use larger wire, but I like how delicate and soft 0.6mm is. It feels like a premium chain.

Now this chain requires some sort of hammering for two reasons. One is that it will make a stronger chain. Chains usually carry some sort of weight, they have to be strong. The second is that it will straighten out your links so that they are not skew. If you want to flatten it, use a metal hammer on a steel bench block. If you do not want to flatten it, you need a nylon hammer on a steel bench block. I do not have a nylon hammer, but luckily, I bought a bench block comes with a nylon block. It also comes with a rubber base and is very affordable.  I just put my piece on the block (sometimes I turn it over and use the rubber side). Then I place the nylon block over it and use my hammer on the nylon. I reaaly think that it is the best tool in my growing collection.

Tools used in tutorial:

Bench block with both steel and nylon base

Tarnish resistant Silver 0.6mm/22 gauge wire

Copper 0.6mm wire

Multiple multi-colour rolls copper wire

Small ballpein hammer

3 Piece plier set

Flush wire cutters



wire fanatic chain


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