Rivoli earrings [Video tutorial]

Rivoli earrings [Video tutorial]

wire wrapping tutorial


These earrings are simple and beautiful. The process is simple and beginner friendly. I wanted to make something that can be easily worn everyday (something that cannot be done with regular wire jewelry). I used Swarovski rivals because they are absolutely beautiful, have incredible shine and they are the most wallet friendly fancy stones offered by Swarovski. I hope that you enjoy making and wearing these.

Materials needed:

Two Swarovski rivolis (I used the 10.5mm size but you can use any size. You can even use a pear stone or an oval if you want)

Four 5cm lengths of 20 gauge (0.8mm) wire

Round nose pliers

Chain nose pliers

Glue (E6000)

How to create:

Making the base:

First take your chain nose pliers and  bend your wires at a 90 degree angle. Take your round nose pliers and use them to create a small loop. Cut your wire down to size depending on the width of your stone ( I used a 10mm Swarovski stone, so I left a 2cm tail. Take your round nose pliers again and grip the wire using the widest part of your pliers. Make a full loop that overlaps. Take your E6000 glue and dab a bit onto the large loop. Attach your stone.Do this for the second earring. You can do this in any order, just make a small loop and a big loop.

Making the earring hook:

Take one of your 5cm lengths and bend at a 90 degree angle. Use you round nose pliers to make a small loop. Take your round nose pliers and place the wire at the base of your pliers, holding it so that the loop is facing downwards and its base is touching the pliers. Use your free hand to bend the wire making a u-shape, cut off the excess. You can use your chain nose pliers to make a slight bend at the end of the wire to keep the earring in your ears.

There you go, beautiful and simple earrings.

You can pair them up with this lovely ring or this lovely pendant.


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