Wire wrapped pendant frame

Wire wrapped pendant frame

This frame pendant is one of my favourites. It is versatile and can be made in any shape (some are harder than others) and the crystals used can be interchangeable. You can change your focus stone depending on your outfit, mood or day of the week.

Materials needed:

Make this wire wrapped pendant Make this wire wrapped pendant Make this wire wrapped pendant

Make this pendant using wire and Swarovski crystalMake this pendant frame using using. DIY connector
Make this wire wrapped pendant frame

Two 15 cm lengths 0.8mm/ 20 gauge round soft wire (more if you want to add more details at the end)

0.4mm or 26 gauge round wire (leave it in spool to avoid wastage)

18mm Swarovski pendant (heart used here)

Round nose pliers

Chain nose pliers

Wire cutters


First, you need your thicker wire to be as straight as possible, this is to make wrapping it easier and to give a good finished product. Use a cloth to hold the wire and run it through your hands a few times. Make sure not to bend it.

The frame

Take the two 15 cm 20 gauge wires and place them parallel and flush to each other. Take your 26 gauge wire and make two coils around the bottom wire starting 3 cm in and leave a 3cm tail. Coil it twice around both wires. Continue this pattern and stop about 3-4 cm from the end. Cut the 26 gauge wire and leave a 6cm tail. Make a U-shaped bend with the bottom wire (the one with no gaps) on the inside. Bring the two ends together and make a water drop shape. Hold the four wires together and use the 6 cm tail to bind them by coiling it around them, make about 4 coils and cut off the excess.

The bail and connector

Take your round nose pliers and make a loop at the top  (this is the bail), make a full loop and coil the tail twice around the base. Cut off the excess. Take a second wire from the three that are left and make a smaller loop, this time facing the bottom, this will be used to connect the pendant. Make a full loop and coil the tail twice around its base , cut off the excess.

The last two wires.

You can choose how to use these. If you like the simple look just cut them off and bend the ends of each to make sure that they do not snag your clothes or use them for decorations. Make a coil at the ends. Make a loop at the base and bend them in from the back using the coil to hook them to the frame (just look at the picture if you are confused.

Now just use a jump ring to attach your Swarovski crystal pendant or any other pendant that you may like.

pendant frame

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